How do I shop and earn Qantas Points at the Online Mall?

Earning Qantas Points at the Online Mall is easy. You need to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, logged into your Account and come via the Online Mall each time you shop. Then choose your retailer and simply click on the ‘Shop Now' button to start earning Qantas Points on your purchases.

You must click from the Online Mall ‘Shop Now' button on your chosen retailer's page to allow us to track your purchase back to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account and allocate your Qantas Points. It's best to complete your purchases in one session to ensure we can track your purchase back to your account and allocate your points.

And remember, your cookies must be turned on before you click on the ‘shop now' button and start shopping. That way your purchases can be tracked and you will be allocated Qantas Points.

Please note, if you visit an Online Mall retailer directly without coming through the Online Mall first, you will not earn Qantas Points as we will not be able to track your purchase. Also, if you login to the Online Mall, then go directly to a retailer (in a new tab or window) we may not be able to track your purchase and allocate Qantas Points for your purchase. 

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