How do I claim Qantas Points that have not been credited to my account from non-airline partners?

Before claiming for missing Qantas Points for non-airline partner transactions, check Your Activity Statement to see if the points have been credited to your account. If you discover that the eligible transaction does not appear on your statement after 6 weeks of the transaction, contact the partner directly. The partner may need you to supply rental agreement, receipt or any other supporting documentation confirming your entitlement to the missing points. Not all partners accept retrospective claims so visit Claim Missing Points - Other Partners for more information.

Alternatively, send your Frequent Flyer number as it appears on your card or in your confirmation email once you've joined the program, your name and a legible copy of your receipt and or rental agreement to the Frequent Flyer Service Centre via email:

Claims can take up to eight weeks to process and you'll need to check Your Activity Statement to see if your claim was successful. Please retain your documentation until your claim has been processed.

Remember to always show your Qantas Frequent Flyer Card (or quote your membership number) at the time of purchase/booking to ensure you earn Qantas Points on eligible transactions.

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