Does the name on my Frequent Flyer account need to match the name on my airline ticket?

Yes. Qantas and our partners require name validation before crediting Qantas Points to a Frequent Flyer account. If the name on your airline ticket matches the name on your Frequent Flyer account, points will automatically be credited. If there are discrepancies between the name on your Frequent Flyer account and the name used on your airline ticket, you may not receive Qantas Points and Status Credits through the automated process.

You won't earn Qantas Points if you paid for another person's ticket but if you pay for the ticket with a Qantas Points earning eligible credit card from a Qantas Frequent Flyer card partner, you may earn points on the purchase.

Refer to Changing Your Name to find out how to update your name. If you have already travelled and have not received Qantas Points, refer to Claim Missing Points - Airline Partners or Claim Missing Points - Other Partners.

A service fee may apply for replacement membership cards.

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