Can I upgrade my flight using Qantas Points?

Qantas Frequent Flyers can use Qantas Points to request a Classic Upgrade Reward on eligible fares on Qantas operated domestic and international flights.

If there are multiple people travelling in your booking and all passengers are eligible family members, your online request for a Classic Upgrade Reward will apply to each passenger. If your booking includes passengers other than eligible family members, you will need to call our Qantas Contact Centre to split the booking and then you will be able to request an upgrade. Please have your Frequent Flyer number, PIN and booking reference available when calling.

Use the Upgrade Calculator to find out how many points are required to request a Classic Upgrade Reward.

You can request an upgrade between 353 days and 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Domestic upgrade requests will be confirmed at the time of request if an upgrade is available. You are also able to register for a domestic upgrade if an upgrade is not immediately available.

For international flights, all Qantas Frequent Flyers can register for an upgrade. International upgrade registrations are considered depending on your Frequent Flyer membership level and will be considered in accordance with the following:

  • Platinum One members, from seven days prior to the scheduled flight departure;
  • Platinum members, from 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure; and
  • Other Frequent Flyer members, within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

Domestic and international Classic Upgrade Reward registrations are prioritised according to your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership level: Platinum One first, followed by Platinum, Gold, Silver and then Bronze.

Following registration, if your domestic or international upgrade is confirmed, you may receive an SMS^ confirming your Classic Upgrade Reward (ensure your mobile number is in Your Profile). You can also check Your Bookings to see if your request was successful. We will also inform you at check-in. Points will be deducted when an upgrade is awarded. Sufficient points need to be available in your account at the time the upgrade is requested and the time the upgrade is confirmed. Family transfers may assist if you don't have enough points.

You may cancel an unconfirmed request for an upgrade without forfeiting your points at any time prior to the scheduled flight departure. If your upgrade request is confirmed and you choose to cancel your upgrade request more than 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure your upgrade may be refunded subject to a Fee.

To cancel a requested or confirmed Classic Upgrade Reward, simply cancel online, or call your local Qantas office.

If you cancel your upgrade after it is confirmed or if you fail to board a flight for which you have redeemed points for a Classic Upgrade Reward within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure, you will forfeit the points used and a seat may no longer be available in your original booked class.

If you cancel or change your flight before your upgrade is confirmed, the Classic Upgrade Reward request will be cancelled, and a new request must be made.

Classic Upgrade Rewards are subject to capacity controls and availability (which is limited).

For more information in relation to Classic Upgrade Rewards visit Flight Upgrades.

^ SMS notification of a confirmed Classic Upgrade Reward is available only to Qantas Frequent Flyers who are travelling on the upgraded segment, and who have a valid mobile telephone number in their membership profile. Some members may not receive SMS notification due to operational reasons.


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