What are Status Credits and how do I earn them?

Status Credits determine your Frequent Flyer membership level. Every time you fly on eligible flights with Qantas and selected partner airlines, you earn Status Credits.

Status Credits are separate from Qantas Points, and are simply a measure of your flying activity on eligible airlines. The number of Status Credits you earn varies depending on the airline, how far you fly and the fare you choose. You earn more Status Credits on more flexible fares and travel in premium cabins has a higher earn rate than Economy. The more you fly in each membership year, the more Status Credits you earn and the higher your membership level. Visit Your Summary for a personalised summary about your membership Status.

Status Credits don't expire but are reset at the start of the membership year. All Status Credits earned since joining the program are added together and count towards your Lifetime Status Credit total. Once you have enough Status Credits, Lifetime Silver or Gold recognition will be yours, regardless of how often you continue to fly. For example, if your membership year is from 1 April until 31 March and you earned 250 Status Credits in this time your Status Credits balance will reset to zero on 1 April the following year but the 250 Status Credits earned from the previous year count towards your lifetime Status Credit total.

Frequent Flyer members earn a Loyalty Bonus of 8,000 Qantas Points for every 500 Status Credits earned on flights with a Qantas or Jetstar Airlines (JQ, 3K, GK and BL) flight number within a single membership year - up to a maximum of four Loyalty Bonuses (equivalent to 32,000 Qantas Points) per membership year.

You can use the Earning Points and Status Credits Calculator to see how many Status Credits you could earn for your next flight.

View reaching and keeping a higher status to see how many Status Credits you need for each status level.

Status Credits are non-transferable.

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