Frequent Flyer Privileges

We believe the more you fly, the more rewards you should enjoy. So we offer four levels of membership above the Bronze entry level - Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One. Each membership level has particular privileges. The higher your membership level, the greater your privileges and the more points you can earn. Find out about the privileges of each membership level:

Note: The program Rewards and Benefits may change from time to time. 

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Reaching and keeping a higher status

The number of Status Credits+ you have is reviewed daily, based on your activity since the anniversary when you joined the program.  As soon as you have earned the required Status Credits to qualify for the next membership level, and provided you have travelled a minimum of four eligible* Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar flights during your membership year, you will automatically move up to the next level and can start enjoying your extra privileges.

You will retain any new status for at least 12 months. At the end of your membership year, your Status Credits will be reset to zero.  Provided you continue to earn the required number of Status Credits each year and take at least four eligible* Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar flights during your membership year, your membership status and privileges will remain at your acquired level.

Please note that each membership year, you'll have to earn a certain number of Status Credits to keep your membership at the current level.

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Membership Level

Status Credits Required

Reach Level

300 Status Credits

Keep Silver

250 Status Credits in a membership year

Reach Gold

700 Status Credits

Keep Gold

600 Status Credits

Reach Platinum

1,400 Status Credits

Keep Platinum

1,200 Status Credits

Reach and keep Platinum One

3,600 Status Credits, with a minimum of 2,700 from Qantas marketed flights+

Important Information:
+ Status Credits are earned on eligible Qantas, oneworld alliance airlines, Jetstar Airlines and Fiji Airways flights only - see the Airline Earning Tables for details.
* Qantas Points and Status Credits (where applicable) are earned on eligible flights with a Qantas or applicable oneworld® Alliance Airline or Airline Partner flight number on your ticket. Qantas Points and Status Credits may not be earned on some fare types and booking classes. See terms and conditions and the Airline Earning Tables for details on the conditions for the applicable airline.